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I stepped into the shower and soaped myself down, rinsed off and applied the nipple clamps. Immediately my penis became hard and erect, the skin of my scrotum becoming tight. I massaged around my pubis, cock and balls with shaving oil and carefully shaved with a new blade, taking care to leave a narrow strip of hair in the centre of my pubis. Having finished shaving, I removed the clamps and rinsed off, getting a sensual buzz from my freshly smooth genitals. I left the shower and toweled myself dry, applied a little baby oil to my cock and balls, followed by a light dusting of talc.

 She was in the bedroom as I entered, also getting ready for a shower. She noticed my newly shaven pubes and hard cock and she reached over and fondled me, gently masturbating me and cupping my balls. She kissed me with open mouth as she caressed me. I noticed that her tits were swollen and blue veined, her nipples hard and pink. I moved to take her nipple in my mouth but she walked away and into the shower.

 I put on a pair of silk boxer shorts, pulling my cock and balls through the fly. I was still hard and erect. I lay on the bed waiting for her to return from the shower, my erection remaining in anticipation of what was to come. I masturbated slowly, pre cum oozing from the tip of my cock and running copiously over my fingers. I was still fondling my cock when she came out of the shower. She was wearing a blue silk robe, and as she approached the bed it fell open, revealing her in all her finery. A white quarter cup bra, which lifted her tits and nipples, white French knickers, pulled tight around her crotch, showing off the slit of her cunt. Stockings and suspenders, she knew how I loved her to wear them.

 She leaned over me, pressing a swollen breast and hard nipple to my lips. I needed no asking and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She took my hand away from my cock and placed it to her other breast, then she started gently caressing my cock and balls. She moaned as I sucked on her and after a short while asked me to suck the other nipple. As I sucked she moved onto the bed and straddled me pressing her tit to my mouth. I placed my hand between her now open thighs, and felt her swollen cunt pushing at her panties, I could feel her wetness and I pressed my fingers through the material and between the lips of her cunt.

 She pulled away from me and kissed me, moving down my body, kissing my neck and chest. Soon she reached my nipples, which she sucked and nipped between her teeth. I immediately felt waves of ecstasy running through my body making me feel as if my cock would burst. She moved down all the while kissing and teasing me with her tongue. Now she was at my cock, I felt her tongue lick along the shaft as her fingertips felt around my balls. She took the top of my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue over the tip. Gradually she took more of my cock between her lips. I felt the tug of her suck and the feel of her lips along the shaft. I had to pull away from her, I knew that I would come too soon and I wanted this to go on forever.

 I sat up and kissed her, tasting my pre cum on her lips. I fondled her breasts and sucked on them again, all the while stroking her thighs and between her legs.  I pushed my hand down the front of her knickers; her pubes were smooth and freshly shaven. The lips of her cunt gaped open and wet with her clitoris standing erect. I moved my hands around her bottom, fondling and squeezing them. The tip of my finger found her anus and as I pressed a little harder I heard her moan with pleasure. My finger entered her and she writhed in ecstasy. I continued to probe her anus and with my other hand gently teased and pulled on her clitoris, her wetness poured from her and ran down her thighs. She moved away from me, almost cumming, asking me to fuck her now. I told her she must wait and for her to lie on her back.

 I held her close as I slipped off her panties, kissing her body as I worked my way down her belly. My tongue licked her navel and I moved down towards her cunt. She opened her legs in anticipation and I fastened my mouth over her gaping cunt lips. I sucked at her clitoris, which had grown like a small penis. I licked her wetness from her and felt her pressing her pubes against my mouth. I rose and straddled her, gently masturbating at the sight of her lying in front of me, legs wide open, shaven pubes and swollen labial lips, her moisture glistening on her thighs. She looked up and as she saw my hand around my cock, her fingers moved to stimulate her clitoris as she watched me massage my throbbing cock, my cum running in threads onto her belly.

 She moved her hands away from herself and pushed my shorts down. I felt her hands on my buttocks, kneading and squeezing me. Now her finger found my anus and I felt her slip her finger into me as far as her palm. As she moved her finger inside me more and more cum ran from my cock. She knelt forward and licked the end of my cock, as she straightened up, threads of pre cum dripped from her lips. Her finger was still in my rectum and I felt a second and third finger inserted. She gently widened my anus and soon all of her hand was inside me and I felt my anal sphincter close around her wrist. She was now in control, I was helpless, the only thing I could do was to grasp my cock and try to masturbate. She pushed my hand away and continued to thrust away at my rectum. Cum ran from my cock and down the shaft, my cock beating with the same rhythm as my heart. She pinched and rolled my nipple between her fingers.

 Slowly she removed her hand from my anus, waves of ecstasy rolled over me, and I wanted to thrust my swollen cock into her.  She rose quickly from the bed and taking the belt from her robe, quickly looped it around my wrists and secured me tightly to the head of the bed telling me to lie still with my knees up and legs apart. I lay there helpless as she returned to the bathroom. I desperately wanted to hold my cock and give myself relief; she had known this and had left me unable to waste my semen in masturbation. My cock stood erect, purple and beating, pre cum running from the tip.

 When she emerged from the bathroom she had removed her bra. Her breasts stood firm, her pink nipples standing large and pink. In her hand was a large butt plug, on to which she had poured a generous covering of baby oil. She came towards me and straddled me again, the butt plug slipping into my already relaxed anus. She moved forward over me until her cunt was over my face. She lowered herself over me and pressed her swollen labia to my mouth. Her moisture ran into my mouth and I felt her erect clitoris on my tongue. I sucked at her and felt her buck against me. She rose away from me as waves of her first orgasm starting to run through her body. Cum ran down her thighs and onto her stocking tops. She released me from the belt and allowed me to pushed two fingers into her cunt, she was slippery with moisture and I could feel the spasms of her orgasm squeezing at my fingers. She cried out in pleasure, riding hard against my hand.

 She lay back, breathing heavily, my fingers slipping from her cunt. My cock was still erect and aching for release. It was not to be. She sat up and told me to lie with my head in her lap, I moved carefully as the butt plug was still in place. She leaned over me and held her breast to my lips. I sucked her large erect nipple into my mouth, taking in as much of her tit as I could. I squeezed her other tit and rolling her nipple as I sucked hungrily at the offered breast. I felt her fingers again caressing my smooth, hairless balls. She tugged at the butt plug and pulled it from me, my back arched with the pleasure of the plug being slowly removed from my anus. Her fingers again played around my balls and my anus, her fingertips teasing my swollen ring. 

 She pulled away and again straddled me, this time facing down my body. Her bottom and cunt were close to my face and I knew what was required of me. I licked her anus and ran my tongue down to her still soaking vagina. The tip of my tongue found her clitoris and I probed and sucked at it. She bent forward and took my hard, throbbing cock into her mouth. I was so close to cumming and she knew it, pulling away from me at the last moment, teasing and exciting me even more. She bent further forward, her tits brushing against my cock, I could feel her hardened nipples on me as I sucked and licked at her hairless, swollen and gaping cunt, her inner labial lips hanging down and glistening with her moisture. I wanted so much to cum, my hands moved to grasp my penis to give me relief. She knocked my hands away and said I was not to cum until she was ready. I continued sucking and probing at her clitoris, she was moaning with pleasure and close to another orgasm.

 She sat up and moved around the bed, resting on her hands and knees, her buttocks high. Now she was ready for me, now it was my turn to tease. I moved behind her, placing the palm of my hand between her legs, rubbing her swollen mons and reaching round to grasp her tit. I teased her clitoris as I squeezed her nipple. Now she was begging for release. I removed my hand from her clit just before her orgasm, now she was pleading for me to fuck her. She reached behind and took my cock, pulling me towards her. I took her hand away, and taking my cock in my hand liberally wet her anus with my cum. She knew what was to happen and tried to move her buttocks away from me, she wanted me in her cunt. It was too late, my cock entered into her tight anus, my fingers teasing and pulling at her clitoris. I could feel her anal muscles squeezing at my cock.

 I pulled out from her and thrust my cock into her waiting cunt; she rode against me, willing me to cum. I held her by her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers. I released one breast and placed my hand between her legs. Her clitoris was now even larger, beating like small erect penis. I felt her second climax arrive and she bucked and writhed as it swept over her. My thrusting became quicker as we climaxed together. I could feel my cum gushing from me in great waves of orgasm. It seemed to go on forever.

 I pulled out from her. She stayed on her hands and knees and I could see a dribble of semen running from her. I pushed two fingers into her and felt her vaginal muscles tightening around them as the last spasms of her orgasm continued. At last we lay exhausted in each otherís arms, the best love making either of us could remember. Until next time!